31 Jan 2018

Desk Tour 2018

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I think I finally have a desk set-up that works for me! I don't often work at my desk as I try to get as much work done at school as possible but when I have lot's of paperwork my desk is my friend!

My desk is from IKEA and it was an absolute bargain! I think we paid less than £15 with the legs so it was a pretty good purchase!

Above my desk, I have a ridiculously large bulletin board from Argos with a glittery R resting on top and cute bird fairy lights all the way round. I use my bulletin board to remind me of the good things in life - I have quotes and photos hanging from it. My calendar is actually on the wall next to my bed!

I try to keep as much space as possible clear on my desk so storage is very important. I have two pots and one box.

In my pen pots I have a range of different black pens and highlighters. I have a small set of drawers elsewhere in my room with my crayolas etc in for easy access if needed!

The box is a bit random in regards to it's content. I have all my washi along the bottom in the most haphazard way possible - if you have a good way of storing washi please tell me!! I also have a selection of sticky notes and bulldog clips as well as a glue stick and some other random essentials.

I'm a big fan of having plants in my room, I have a collection of air plants next to my bed and two cute succulents on the desk! I regularly spritz them with water and I like the fact I have something else alive in my room!

So thats' my desk tour! Hopefully later this year, J and I will be moving in together and maybe I'll get a bigger desk?? Keep your fingers crossed!

25 Jan 2018

Awoken Book Review

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Book: Awoken
Author: Trish Beninato.
Pages: 197 (kindle)
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Rating: 4/5
Eighteen-year-old Jewel, reliving her memories, finds herself suddenly thrust into the past living in the world of mortals. Only this life and this version of herself is different. Yet, one thing stays the same, she finds herself in the path of Anubis an Egyptian god. She needs him even though it could cost her everything. But Anubis just sees her as an annoying complication to his quiet life he just can’t have- at least that’s what he tells himself. Even as he is drawn to the beautiful, dangerous goddess.
With Jewel's impending activation and Zeus trying to find them, Jewel and Anubis find themselves needing each other more than they care to admit. Only someone is about to betray the other.

Can Jewel save all of humanity from her own family in time?

Awoken is the second story in the Jewel Trilogy and is my favourite so far. It follows Jewel as she delves into the memories of her past life in Ancient Egypt and provides a great insight into her relationship with Anubis.

Jewel’s character development in this book was so much better than in the first book! She seemed much more at peace with herself (probably due to having her past memories back) and this made her relationship with other characters so much better. Speaking of other characters, a huge amount of new characters were introduced throughout this book and it broke my heart knowing that this was based over a thousand years before Jewel reawakened

I’m a huge fan of historical YA but have never read a time travelling esque novel before and I honestly loved it. The book primarily takes place in the past with the future only being mentioned at the beginning and end of the book. There isn’t much description of the environment but you’re so engrossed in wanting to know more about Jewel that it doesn’t matter.

I can’t wait for the next and final book to be released so I can see Jewel go to town on the Gods that betrayed her!

Disclaimer: This book was provided in exchange for review as part of the Six Queens arc program but all opinions are my own. I have not been paid in exchange for this review.

5 Jan 2018

New Year, New me?

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Happy New Year everyone!

2018 has started in style and I am loving the fact it started on a Monday! One thing I'm not loving this year is that I've really noticed the diet pressure that follows Christmas - it seems like the week before Christmas is full of adverts encouraging indulgence but the moment Boxing Day hits, the diet and fitness industry raise their heads.

Don't get me wrong, if you want to lose weight in the New Year more power to you! But why is the first of January any different to the fourth of August? I get that its the whole new year fresh start thing but seriously it sucks. I've been into Iceland and pounced on by Slimming World representatives who are literally only targeting larger people - I didn't see one slim person get given a leaflet! 

This rant does have a purpose I promise!

This year I'm not setting a resolution of lose 50lb or whatever it was I said last year because it obviously didn't work. Instead I'm setting more manageable small goals where I'll be able to see benefits more quickly - side effects may include weight loss but to be honest I don't really mind if they don't. I feel comfortable in my stretch marked skin and the only reason I want to lose weight is to become healthier.

On a side note, I'm also not calling them resolutions and instead I'm calling them goals. I feel like goal is a more positive word and I can break it down into smaller steps as required!

My biggest goal is obviously to qualify as a teacher and move in with Josh!
My more personal goal is to reduce the amount of meat I'm eating and work on my skin care.

This year is about me, not about the person some may want me to become.

What are your goals this year?