17 Sep 2015

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My new room!

So as I said before, I've just finished moving into my new second year house! It's the first time I've had my own room and it even has a double bed :) Little things make me happy!

It's quite a large room with a walk in wardrobe (a cupboard under the stairs). It's got the gas and electric cupboard so I've had to utilise the space carefully.

My desk is huge so there's plenty of space to be working so I've got no excuse not to excel this year!

I have two shelves above my desk which I've used for more personal items than studying. I've got my Yankee candle electric tart warmer (It's amazing in a place where you're not allowed candles). I've also got my make-up and tea bags up there!

I have a smallish rail on which to hang my clothes but I've pretty much managed to get all of my clothes on it bar my pjyamas which are on top of the gas cupboard.

The top of my electric cupboard stores my recipe books and my colouring books as well as my washing machine tablets.
I also have a large glass notice board which I've stuck some notes from my family on as well as my timetable and assignment schedule.

I have got copious amounts of stuffed toys and cushions on the bed but it just adds to the homeliness of the space.
All in all I'm quite happy with how I've made the room look! It's a space I'm happy to stay in but chances are I'll probably change it around again.
I'll leave you with a picture of my adorable door stop!

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