9 Oct 2015

# Goals

October Goals

Happy Friday everyone!!!
I hope this week has treated you well! Sorry about the lack of posts - I've been in a bit of pain this week due to an evil wisdom tooth (any remedies are appreciated) but I'm alot better now and the pain is ebbing :)
Anyway, on to the post! Now that I'm back at university and am back to being a proper adult with responsibilities and stuff I've decided I need to create some monthly goals to keep me accountable!
October Goals
My first goal is to stay up to date with reading. I'll do this by ensuring that a weeks reading is completed by Sunday night ready to start the next day.
My second goal is to eat a bit more healthily. The last few weeks have been very cheap food shops but that's because I haven't been eating the most nutritious food! I want to start incorporating fresh fruit and vegetables into my diet so watch out for some recipes!
October Smoothie
My third and final goal is to relax and stop stressing! The last few weeks have been highly stressful due to starting lectures again and house mates getting really ill :( We're all better now so hopefully things will start to calm down and I can start focusing on myself! Maybe a nice hot bath will help?
October Bath
What are your goals for the month?

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