25 Nov 2015

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My Week #10

The nights are getting longer and thus we spend more times in our beds (or at least out rooms!).
Making my room cosy has always been an important thing to me and my university room is no different :)

The first 3 things on my list are:
  1. My wax tart melter - you can melt all sorts of scents and just a change in smell can make your room feel more cosy. Yankee's Christmas scents are my favourite, especially candy cane lane!
  2. A vision/mood board. I've printed off quotes I've found on pinterest, pinned a love note from J and included some pretty business cards on my notice board. It adds colour to an otherwise white room :)
  3. Fairy Lights - I can't sleep in the dark unless I feel comfortable and I know it's silly but I'm only comfortable when J is round, the fairy lights are great for watching films by as well as leaving on overnight. I got mine in primark and would recommend them!

4. Cuddly Toys - I have two teddies, one I've had since I was 8 and the other Josh gave me for out second Christmas together. Although I have more cuddly toys at the bottom of my bed these are the two I hug at night :)
5. Home made gifts - the blanket was made my mum before I came away to University. Remembering the love and effort that went into it keeps the homesickness at bay and reminds me my mum is always near when I want her <3
6. Soft cushions - I got this fluffy monstrosity from Primark and it is honestly a life saver. If I'm spending long hours at my desk it stops my bum from going numb, it's pink and it provides a great head rest!
7) Ornaments - My pop heads and ornaments also make the room feel cosier maybe because it looks more cluttered?

What do you do to make your room cosier?

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