10 Feb 2016

# Subscription Box

Sanitary Owl

Today's post might not be one many people think is appropriate for a blog review but periods are something that affect half of the adult population and thus it is an important to discuss it!
I recently discovered an awesome new subscription service called Sanitary Owl! Every two months they send you a box with just the right amount of products to get you through two periods (you can set the amount) for around £10!
The best thing is that by buying a box you're helping support homeless women on the streets of London with their periods. The homeless period is something many people do not think about when providing items to shelters so something like this can be a real god send for many women.
The box is meant to fit through your letterbox but mine is too small so the post man handed it to me instead. This was not a problem as the box is incredibly discrete and offers no hint of what is inside!
In the box you get a little bag to keep the products in as well as the products you ask for! I'm really impressed by the box contents and price - especially when you consider the price of the average box of tampons!
They also provide a first period box which even comes with a little bracelet (so cute!)! 

If you do subscribe use this code SANOWL394919 to get a discount!
What do you think of this type of subscription box? Would you consider subscribing?

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