23 Mar 2016

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What's in my Pencil Case?

Very studenty post today! It's getting towards final exam season and I have a huge amount of evil essays due.
My pencil case is getting alot of heavy duty use at the moment and after Easter will be dragged to the library for intense study sessions!
My pencil case is actually a make up bag that came in the December (?) My Little Box. It's got just enough room in it for everything I need!

In my pencil case I have some Frixion pens, mildliner highlighters and some Staedtler fine liners. The mildliners are super popular on Tumblr so I treated myself to some...they're not suitable for heavy duty highlighting but are perfect for mindmaps and the like!

I also have various post it notes, some sticky tabs and a pair of scissors!
All I need now is a miniature hole punch and stapler and I'll be set :)
What do you keep in your pencil case?

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