11 May 2016

# Small talk

A little catch up

Hello my lovelies!

It's been almost a month  since I last posted and a lot has happened so I thought we'd have a little catch up!

I'm coming up to the end of second year and it is safe to say that I cannot wait for this year to be over! I have an exam tomorrow for a unit that no one on the course understands so that'll be fun plus I had to take an ECF on an assignment due to some personal matters so that needs writing too!

On a slightly happier note - I start placement on Monday! I'm doing a two week placement at a local primary academy so I can see if teacher training is the right route for me. Cross your fingers for me, I'm terrified!

Other than revising and enjoying seeing family, I've been soaking up the sun every chance I get and going to the beach!

This photo was taken at Clacton beach on the last bank holiday but I've been getting down to Southsea beach whenever I can too. I'm trying to enjoy the heat before it gets too hot - I can't cope past 17 degrees!

Here's a little peek at a recent purchase of mine! If you want to see more, make sure you follow me on Instagram, I've been posting pretty regularly during the break :)

How's the last month been for you?

Rhiannon xo

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