17 Jun 2016

# Pens # Stationery

Favourite Pens

As a student, I do a lot of my work by hand. I find my ideas flow better when writing rather than typing. Over the last couple of years at university I've found pens that are terrible for writing lecture notes but are good for essays and vice versa! It's hard to find a pen that can do everything right!

My current favourite pen for planning and annotating research papers are the Papermate flairs (not an affiliate link!).

They have a fine felt tip nib and don't seem to bleed too bad! Because they come in so many different colours, I can colour code my notes and it really does make my life easier when I go back over them.

For writing an essay my fountain pen is my current love!

It's the yellow lamy safari and I'm currently using the blue cartridge that came with it. The ink flow in it is perfect and it dries really quickly making it perfect for writing in notebooks as it doesn't leave ink on the opposite page.

I'm also obsessed with the stadtler fine liners (the silver pens in the first picture) as they are once again perfect for colour coding although the tip is much finer than the papermates!

What pens are you currently using? What are your all time favourites?


  1. I love using really fine point pens, so the 0.3mm or smaller ones. I am quite desperate to get a fountain pen, though!

    Vee // veeosullivan.co.uk

    1. I really was amazed at how reasonable the price of fountain pens are :) You should definitely look into getting one! Thanks for commenting xo