6 Jun 2016

# My Week

My Week #31

Good Afternoon Lovelies!

I think my last post may have been a bit premature in suggesting that I was back. I might have to start not saying that!

I'm officially done with university and placement until September, so I'm hoping to really develop this blog (and get a head start on my dissertation)!

Last week was a sad one as it began with my Grandma loosing her battle with cancer.

She'll always live on in my heart and so will my Grandpa (also pictured above). 

Other than that it was a quiet week and I spent it recovering from quite possibly the hardest term I've experienced.

Oh and you may have noticed a change in website address! You can now reach me at www.studentpaperie,co.uk as opposed to having to use the old blogspot address :)

How was your week? xo

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