10 Jun 2016

# Bucket list # Summer

Summer Bucket List

The sun is shining (hopefully) and it's time to decide what I want to achieve this summer!
  1. Read 5 books.
  2. Go to the beach.
  3. Have a picnic.
  4. Have a BBQ.
  5. Make smores.
  6. Go to the Zoo.
  7. Buy passport!
  8. Wear a dress outside.
  9. Visit the London museums.
  10. At least 25,000 steps each week!
  11. Loose at least 1 stone.
I know that they're not all fun but it's something to aim for and it ensures I won't spend all Summer inside moaning about the heat! Once my new planner arrives I'll be dedicating a page to it and decorating it with ice-lolly washi tape ;)

What do you want to do this Summer? xo 

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