6 Jul 2016

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Journaling Challenge

The last few months have been quite difficult for me. Family illness (and bereavement), university and a pressure to decide what I want to do after graduation have left me with quite a bit of emotion which likes to burst out at random intervals!

As a result I've decided to try and take up journaling! I've never really got on with the whole 'Dear Diary' stuff so I might write mine as a letter to my grandma instead!

I've also brought some self-help books to read and include quotes and relevant information in my journal.

I'm going to use the adorable pug notebook from my most recent papergang box as my actual journal!

The two books I'm using are 'Food: the good girl's drug' and 'You are a bad ass'. You can kind of guess what they're about from the titles but if anyone would like a review just let me know :)

My plan is to read a chapter of one of the books each night and then write about it (and my day/mood). I'm hoping that writing will make me feel a bit better and stable!

Do you journal? xo

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