9 Sep 2016

# Blogging # Goals

Blogging Goals

So during my little break, I had a long and hard think about what I wanted to get from blogging and came up with a few goals. Some are little and some are small but I think it's really important to come up with goals so I can keep developing my little corner of the internet!

1) Set up a blog notebook - I want it to contain my statistics, post ideas, schedule, twitter chats etc!

2) Participate in at least two twitter chats a week.

3) Reach 100 followers on bloglovin.

4) Build up a box of photo props.

5) Work on photography skills.

6) Improve SEO/ find out what SEO is!

I'm giving myself 6 months to reach my goals so hopefully by March this blog will be a lot better :) 

What are some of your blogging goals?

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