19 Oct 2016

# Autumn # Halloween

Lush Halloween 2016

As I'm back in my student house which has a bath, I can now start stocking up on lush goodies! I managed to time my first trip back to Lush quite well - the Halloween range had just come out and the shop assistants were full of interesting information and advice! I treated myself to three bath bombs from their Autumn/Halloween range and two bath bombs from the normal range :) I can't wait to nip in and stock up on Snow Fairy in a few weeks!

First up is Brightside Bubble Bar (£4.95)! It's got a lovely fresh scent and is perfect for the days where you need to brighten yourself up - It might be good for dissertation deadlines. It's a bit more expensive than the bath bombs but it also lasts a lot longer. I can easily get five baths out of it!

The pink bath bomb is the Sakura bath bomb (£3.50). It has jasmine and orange flower in so once again is perfect for when you need to freshen up...I might save this one for once freshers flu kicks in properly!

At the top of the picture is the Autumn Leaf bath bomb (£3.75). This bath bomb turns your water all different autumnal colours and apparently smells like freshly cut grass! It has sandalwood oil in so is definitely a soothing bath bomb.

The Pumpkin bath bomb (£3.95) is quite possibly my favourite in this year's selection. It looks adorable and has vanilla and cinnamon in so it smells amazing!

The last bath bomb is Monsters Ball (£4.25). This one was quite pricey but so worth it! It contains lime and coco butter so smells amazing and does amazing things for your skin. 

Did you buy anything from the Halloween range?xo

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