7 Oct 2016

# PaperGang # Subscription Box

Papergang October Review

It's my seventh month with Paper gang and I am absolutely loving the monthly surprise through my door! There's just something wonderful about receiving paper goodies that I can share with my friends and use to decorate my planner.

This month's box was no different in wow factor to the others I've received but I think the wrapping paper is the best so far!

First up are some greeting cards - how cute is the Hedgehog one? And a monthly calendar to add to the clipboard received a few months ago, I'm building up quite a supply of cards...Maybe I'll start pen-paling so I have a use for them?

The post it notes are awesome and I think they're going to be quite motivational when it comes to attempting my dissertation. There's quite a few sheets so they'll keep me going for a while!

The main product this month was a diary! It's a shame I'm already set up for next year but it can be used any time as it's undated! The format is two pages per week with a large box for daily to-dos and notes and a small box for daily events!

Last up is some really cute wrapping paper featuring animals wearing party hats! I'll be saving this for a special occasion, there's enough to wrap two large presents or lot's of small ones.

As always, if you sign up feel free to use my referral link! I don't receive any money for this but after two people subscribe I'll get a free box (you can then set up your own referral link too!)

Did you get this month's box?

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