22 Feb 2017

# study skills

Revising for the skills test

As some of you may know, I have a conditional offer for teacher training next year! I'm super excited to start but there is one aspect of my offer that terrifies me - The Numeracy Skills Test.

Anyone who knows me will understand how terrified I am of exams and how much I struggle with mathematics. But, if I'm going to be teaching children, I need to get over my fears!

I've spent the last few months reteaching myself everything I've learnt at GCSE level and it really is amazing just how much you forget. With that in mind I have a few tips for anyone else taking the test!

1) Find appropriate resources. I've brought two books off Amazon and this one has honestly made such a difference to my understanding - everything is dumbed down and theres plenty of practice questions.

2) Make time everyday. I do practice questions for a minimum of one hour a day and slowly but surely I'm starting to enjoy studying maths again!

3) Believe in yourself. At the end of the day, you passed your maths GCSE so it will all come back to you :)

Good luck to anyone else taking the test and fingers crossed I pass first time! 

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