15 Feb 2017

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Staying Organised at University

So as you know I'm in my final year of University and I like to think that I've learned a bit about how to stay organised and keep track of things!

I have a few tips for staying organised - some of them might seem like common sense but it's scary how many people forget about them!

1) Keep a planner - Write down all your deadlines the moment you receive them - this will save heartbreak in the long run (I found out an essay was due a day earlier the day before once!).

2) Have a filing system in place - Student's get a lot of handouts and you really need a good system in place so you know where everything is!

3) Plan ahead - Know when your assignments and are due and make a plan of when to start writing them.

3) Keep your computer files tidy - Make sure your folders are named and you know whats in them. Even better, make sure you back your work up!

4) Stay informed - Know what events are happening and keep track of them if you want to attend, plan time to relax and plan time to study.

I hope this helps and if you have any ideas please comment below :) xo

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