1 Mar 2017

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Self-Care at University

Just like many students, I struggle with self-care especially when I'm in the middle of deadlines. Third year has been particularly tough with dealing with bereavement and learning how to fight the black dog but I am getting there! I really feel that it is important to plan time for yourself.

I thought it would be nice to compile a list of little ways to include self-care in your day to day routine:

- Take a break. Don't study nonstop till bedtime. Take regular breaks throughout the day and try and get outside for a short period of time - studying for 6 hours straight is not beneficial.

- Have little luxuries. Even the smallest treat can boost your mood. I have a lovely hand cream that I use morning and night, the smell makes me feel so much happier and in this weather it stops the chapped hands issue!

- Drink water. Yes, I know everyone says it but you have to stay hydrated! Your body needs water to survive and monster/coffee just doesn't cut it.

- Days off. Try and have a day off at least once a week. I normally use Sundays as a day to recharge my batteries, have a nice hot shower and pamper myself. It makes such a difference on a Friday night when I'm struggling as I can remind myself that I don't have to do anything on the Sunday!

- Brush your teeth. This one seems weird but I really think that brushing your teeth an perk you up. Plus no one likes bad breath!

- Take your medication. Please please please take your medication if you have been prescribed it. Don't skip days and remember, withdrawal is not fun.

Do you have any other tips for self-care at university?

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