2 May 2017

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A brief update.


Yes, I'm still here!

Life has been ridiculously busy the past few months but I'm so excited to get back into blogging. I've handed in my dissertation and I'm now in the run up to graduation and final exams (I have one!)! I'm hoping to change the content of the blog a wee bit hence the theme change and the lack of posts!

As a few of you know, I'm starting teacher training (if I can pass this numeracy test) in September and there is a distinct lack of teacher training blogs that are current or weren't abandoned half way through the first term! I know it would have really helped me to be able to see other's experiences so over the next few months I'll be writing about why I chose to do teacher training, the process of applying, interview techniques and my tips for how to pass the skills test! This will all be starting from June onward when I sit (and pass) the numeracy skills test for the second time - keep your fingers crossed for me!

So yeh, I'm still alive and making the slow crawl to graduation ;)

Let me know in the comments if theres anything you'd like to see me post about and I'll hopefully see you all next month! xo

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