28 Jun 2017

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Air Plant DIY

A few weeks ago we went to Perrywoods Garden Centre - I highly recommend it if you're near Tiptree! Anyway, I was looking around the cacti and low and behold I found air plants! I've been wanting to try growing them for a while so brought a little one and some stones and a jar to store it in!

The brand is called Love Tillys and they do a huge variety of air plants and accessories including driftwood, glue and of course pretty stones! Sadly I can't remember what species my airplant is but it's petite and cute!

To fill my jar, I attempted to layer the stones and gravel but it didn't work the way I intended! I've now got the green gravel on the bottom and the pretty stones on top.

Caring for air plants is pretty easy but it's important to remember that they do need water! It's best to place them somewhere where they won't get too hot or too cold and get enough sunlight. To water them just spray them a couple of times once a week!

I can't wait to ads more to my collection!

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