14 Jun 2017

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Erin Condren 2017-2018 Review

I've been hoping that Erin Condren would bring out a hardbound version of her planner for a while now as it makes it easier to carry around and it gets less damaged. This year they did!

I went for the cherry blossom vertical meaning that the inside decoration consists of beautiful black flowers and a gorgeous rose gold foiling detail on the edges of the pages.

How gorgeous is that foiling? I can't stop stroking it! The cover is made of a really soft material which may or may not be leather (I'm not completely sure) and is really nice to the touch.

The inside cover pages are very similar to that of the coil bound planner and once again I'm too scared to write my name in case I ruin it!

After the cover page are two quote pages and your year at a glance for the rest of this year and the next. I'm going to use this to keep track of  term dates, assignment due dates and when Josh is coming to visit next year. I've got some transparent dots from Stickeriffic (review coming soon) for this purpose!

After the year at a view is a goal setting page and then you get into the bulk of the planner. Unlike the coil bound, there are no dividers or tabs which I actually prefer!

As the planner itself is bigger, the amount of space you have to write in is also bigger! It's most obvious in the weekly view and the normal sticker kits many people have will actually be far to small.

I really like the flowers edging the weekly view and the colour schemes really compliment each other this month. The planner has lots of notepages at the back and then a monthly view of 2019 (it seems weird to be thinking that far into the future!) and then another quote.

I'm really happy with my planner for the next year and a bit and I can't wait for July to start so I can start using it!

Did you order a new erin condren for next year?

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