21 Jun 2017

# summer. bucket list

Summer Bucket List

It's heating up outside and I've started wearing skirts - that's right it's Summer! I've got quite a busy summer planned with work and teacher training preparation but as its my last summer before I become a proper adult, I want to do some fun things too!

  1. Go on holiday - anywhere will do and it definitely won't be abroad as I don't have a passport!
  2. Make cocktail slushies
  3. Have a BBQ
  4. Go on a picnic
  5. Pick strawberries (I might have left this a bit late?)
  6. Make smores
  7. Play mini golf
  8. Stargaze
  9. Thames boat ride (always wanted to do this)
  10. Plan out my new room for next year and buy all lovely bits to make it pretty!
What are your plans for the summer?xo

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