5 Sep 2017


Its SCITT time!

For those of you new here - hello! My name is Rhiannon and I'm currently training to become a primary school teacher in sunny Portsmouth. I've already completed my undergraduate in Early Childhood Studies with Psychology and now I'm moving on to the newest chapter of my life.

My teacher training is a blend of a PGCE and a school centred course. I'll be spending half a term in lectures and then the remaining half in a school - as the year goes on, I'll be spending more and more time on placement and eventually teaching!

I thought it might be nice to do a weekly review of the year so that future SCITT students can have some knowledge of how the year will go!

I'll give you a hint - it involves a lot of paperwork!

And a lot of folders and textbooks!

Today marked the first day of my mini placement before the course officially begins and I'm exhausted but loving it!

I'll tell you all more about it on Sunday!

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