20 Sep 2017

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Teacher Training Week Two

This post is a little bit later than planned but I am so swamped with work!

So my first week of lectures started on Wednesday! We started the day with an introduction to the teaching standards and went over what they meant and what we thought professional meant. Then in the afternoon we discussed resilience and growth mindset. It was really interesting looking at how basic things that I take for granted such as housing and food can have such an influence on children. We spent some time in groups making posters about the resilient tutor group framework which helped with getting to know each other!

On Tuesday we started the day with PSHE. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that economics is now included (maybe it always has been and I was just never taught it?)! Interestingly, PSHE isn't actually a statutory requirement officially but it basically is! We also looked at the Portsmouth PSHE programme which is the first of its kind - the council teamed up with The PSHE Association to teach about topics specific to the Portsmouth youth such as teen pregnancy and substance abuse.

During Tuesday afternoon, we looked at child development which was a nice refresher of my undergraduate learning. My favourite activity of the day was working out how we could use The Six Thinking Hats to understand Little Red Riding Hood and teach the Hungry Caterpillar.

On Friday, we carried on with child development and went over multiple intelligence along with how executive function can influence children's learning.

All in all it was a really fun week and it was a nice and slow introduction to the course! The hard work has definitely begun this week but you'll find out about that on Monday!

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