31 Jan 2018

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Desk Tour 2018

I think I finally have a desk set-up that works for me! I don't often work at my desk as I try to get as much work done at school as possible but when I have lot's of paperwork my desk is my friend!

My desk is from IKEA and it was an absolute bargain! I think we paid less than £15 with the legs so it was a pretty good purchase!

Above my desk, I have a ridiculously large bulletin board from Argos with a glittery R resting on top and cute bird fairy lights all the way round. I use my bulletin board to remind me of the good things in life - I have quotes and photos hanging from it. My calendar is actually on the wall next to my bed!

I try to keep as much space as possible clear on my desk so storage is very important. I have two pots and one box.

In my pen pots I have a range of different black pens and highlighters. I have a small set of drawers elsewhere in my room with my crayolas etc in for easy access if needed!

The box is a bit random in regards to it's content. I have all my washi along the bottom in the most haphazard way possible - if you have a good way of storing washi please tell me!! I also have a selection of sticky notes and bulldog clips as well as a glue stick and some other random essentials.

I'm a big fan of having plants in my room, I have a collection of air plants next to my bed and two cute succulents on the desk! I regularly spritz them with water and I like the fact I have something else alive in my room!

So thats' my desk tour! Hopefully later this year, J and I will be moving in together and maybe I'll get a bigger desk?? Keep your fingers crossed!

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